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Come Friday 13 February 2009, the Singapore Dark Alternative Movement (SDAM) will revolutionise local club culture once more with internationally-acclaimed talents, DJ Spike (Chicago, USA / Bangkok, Thailand) and DJ APS (Hamburg, Germany / Dubai, UAE) respectively. As the only club event featuring exclusively Gothic / Industrial / Electronic Body Music (EBM) / Darkwave / Future Pop music in Singapore, Dark Friday’s fifth installment promises another stellar night of mayhem and misdemeanors for devotees of the Goth subculture and dark alternative music.

Headlining February’s event are DJ Spike (Chicago, USA / Bangkok, Thailand) and DJ APS (Hamburg, Germany / Dubai, UAE). Hailing from Chicago, USA, DJ Spike has been a musician since his teens, playing in indie bands and performing alongside acts such as the Smashing Pumpkins in the 90s. DJ Spike now helms a Psychobilly Goth Band, drawing on acts such as Kraftwerk, Skinny Puppy and old school Chicago House as musical influences. He is now based in Bangkok, Thailand where he organises Live Indie Rock and Fetish Events. A veteran in dark alternative clubs across Europe since 1987, DJ APS has deep roots in global counterculture, spanning alternative radio and TV shows in Europe to recent years spent in Dubai, UAE. With a strong inclination for the New Wave, 80s and Gothic music persuasions, DJ APS will open with a selection of modern Gothic and Industrial classics, a surefire treat for both old-school purists and ‘babybats’ alike.

Hot off the success of the December 2008 installment of ‘Dark Friday’ featuring electro-industrial talents DJs DestroyX and ZooG (Australia / Germany) of Angelspit fame, the SDAM has breathed life into local club culture with an exclusive and bonafide Gothic / Dark Alternative clubbing experience held at Night and Day Bar. The benchmark-setting event has drawn considerable attention as the new and emerging Mecca of Dark Alternative Music in Southeast Asia, since hosting on other separate occasions, DJ Panic of the notorious
Slimelight Goth club in London and DJ Eskil Simonsson of Sweden's darkwave kings Covenant.

As Dark Friday is held as a social imperative to promote the Goth and dark alternative subculture in Singapore, a reasonable S$12 cover will be requested of all patrons. The uninitiated will find their musical sensibilities bombarded with music colloquially referred to as ‘gothic trance’ or ‘hard floor’. Yet familiar dark alternative anthems are likely to be spun amidst new, groundbreaking releases with local deck surgeons DJ Saito Nagasaki (Aesgrade), DJ Mentor (X’ho in a guise) and DJ Murderfreak in tow.

Dark Friday has also attained international sponsorship from global publishing and promotion company NetManagement who has remained staunch in support since the ‘Machines Against Hunger‘ launch and charity event (Beneficiary – Action against Hunger) for Singapore and Southeast Asia by SDAM, held on Friday, 13th June 2008. As part of their gracious gesture to relinquish one Friday a month to the alternative social collective, Night and Day Bar has adapted quickly to SDAM’s devoted denizens, serving up S$15 absinthe shots while also providing a cosmopolitan outlook on their unique and vibrant aesthetics.

For more information:
SDAM and Dark Friday details / party pictures –
SDAM Official Livejournal -
DJ Spike -
NetManagement –
Night and Day Bar -
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