herm (delica-m) (hermdelica) wrote in singaporegoths,
herm (delica-m)

Are you a DJ/webzine interested in Delica-m?

Are you a DJ or webzine interested in Delica-m? Do you want to receive a promotional copy of Hyperstimulus?

Then please contact our label at RadioActiveMusic@gmail.com. Be sure to list:
- your basic info
- who you spin/write for
- a link to your website
- whatever else you think will be helpful

There's a digital promo pool up for club DJs, radio DJs and webzines. The label will typically stick to digital files (hard copies are usually only available via special request).

If you get your info in to them by Thursday you'll get the updated promo pool with all three recent RAM releases, including Hyperstimulus of course.

You can also hear a free preview at Last.fm.

Thanks for your time!

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