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Heart of Darkness (Feb 2010)

The most beautiful romances are always depicted in the most unexpected of manners
and once it hits you, there is no looking back as you are being transported to a realm
beyond the universe and just like our traditional event, you will never know what to
expect until you step into the dark enclave of NOVA. To start off your macabre 2010
with lightning and thunder, the Singapore Dark Alternative Movement presents Heart Of
Darkness; Black Hearts.

An antidote for the disenchanted and elixir for the ones deeply
in love, Black Hearts is that one pill you have to take in order to get into the romantic
spirit and best consumed with a bottle of Jack Daniels for optimal results. Our DJs
Mentor (X'Ho), ΙvΔ (Dualtone), Saito Nagasaki (Aesgrade) and Lique (Diol) will also be
at hand to disperse the vibes in the form of music that will surge your locomotive soul,
playing music from the likes of Ashbury Heights, Hanzel Und Gretyl, VNV Nation,
Covenant among others. As a treat for everyone, attendees arriving before 10pm will
receive free entry and from 12am-1am, we are having a Midnight Mayhem promotion
where it is 1 for 1 on all drinks except housepours as we usher in the new year with a
storm. Let death be in love with us tonight, for we are all one and the same in the end.

11:00 to 12:30 DJ LIQUE - TRANCE/EBM
12:30 to 02:00 DJ ΙVΔ ( Dual Tone ) - ELECTRO/EBM
02:00 to 03:00 DJ SAITO NAGASAKI - EBM

Cover: Free (Before 10pm) $12 (10pm onwards)
Promotions: Midnight Mayhem (1 for 1 on all drinks except bottles from 12-1am)
Age limit: 18 and above

Date: Saturday, 6 February 2010
Time: 9pm – 3 am
Venue: NOVA SAFRA Gamehaven, 29 Carpenter Street #06-00

For more information:
SDAM Portal and Forum –
SDAM Livejournal -
SDAM Facebook community -

RSVP at our Facebook event page HERE

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