Saito Nagasaki (outbreed) wrote in singaporegoths,
Saito Nagasaki

HEART OF DARKNESS - "Bloody Fool" - 3rd APRIL 2010


Step into the tentage this April for a variety of vaudevillain proportions as the Singapore Dark Alternative Movement brings you the Heart Of Darkness event at Six. Your eyes are not deceiving you, it is still the same haunt opposite Clarke Quay MRT located at the top level SAFRA Gamehaven but with an enhancement that will leave you spellbound even before stepping into the establishment. As with our circus of horrors theme, let ringmasters Mentor (X'Ho), Saito Nagasaki (Aesgrade) and Ghoul unleash the beast known as Death Rock as the main attraction for the night and spinning the likes of Specimen, .45 Grave, Alien Sex Fiend among others. So walk the tightrope and be part of the insane clown posse for a night that does not require a gypsy to tell you that it will make you scream in horror, for it is Bloody Fool after all

Time: 9pm-3am

Venue: Six, 29 Carpenter Street #06-00

Entry: Free (before 10 pm), $12 (after 10 pm)

Tags: ghoul, goth, hod

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