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Singapore Dark Alternative Movement

Dark Alternative Culture in S.E Asia

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Dark Alternative Culture in Singapore

Are you a goth? Are you a rivethead? Consider yourself a punk? Emo? Do you like to dress in black? Love mods? Do you disdain the trappings of mundane fashion and most contemporary politics? If you have answered yes to any of the questions, you are likely an alternative.

Remember that are welcome here no matter your background. Even if you just have an interest in Marilyn Manson / nightwish / NIN / God Module / funker vogt / VNV Nation / within temptation etc - do share your input.

Please note that we are just a small community trying to consolidate a base of common interests... there is no room for bigots (for those without) or elitists (for those within) here. We are also here to HELP- if you have mental, sexuality, addiction, fetish issues or even contemplating suicide, you can always talk to us. Refer to the standing committee roster below if you need help or people who can understand what you are going through. Part of our purpose is to exist as a support group for fringe cultures. Remember, we are alternatives too. We can relate.

In times past, the different 'dark' subcultures were niche groups and the polarisation of each demographic has not aided in the acceptance of our favoured aesthetic and aural clime due to sparse numbers and conflicting ideologies. As a result, this group started as a collection of friends who aimed for alternative solidarity.

This Livejournal Community is simply an extension of the real 'offline' SDAM.

Community Rules:
- Despite the alternative nature of our group, there are still a few 'out of bound' markers:
- harassing of female members is unnacceptable
(you can do your picking up at our EVENTS)
- intolerance to any race/language/religion is unnacceptable
- insinuation to any illegal activity by association is not appreciated. Remember, individual members religious and political views dont represent that of the entire community
- Blatant sexual overtures should be taken offline (we are kinky too, but the moderators and the general public might not be)

Dont be afraid. Come forward.

Saito Nagasaki
Founder of SDAM
(Started 1998)

We also have a facebook community

The SDAM committee for 2008 is

Saito Nagasaki, Chairman, Entertainment/Nightlife concerns
Faith Cheong, Mental Ailments/Literature/Culinary concerns
Alexandre Sng, Gender/Sexuality/Artistic concerns
Tsura Nagasaki, Vanity concerns

P.s.: We run a weekly Alternative night aptly titled "ALTERNATION" every thurs at DXO, the Esplanade, colours by the bay. I spin with DJ MENTOR (X'ho) and we have 2 guest bands every week. UPDATE (7 may 2008): Our weekly goth night has currently ended at DXO, I'm sourcing for a new venue at the moment.